Australian couple speak out about baby Gammy

The Bunbury couple have faced intense media pressure since the story of the surrogacy broke, alleging that they abandoned the baby boy, who has Down Syndrome and was born with a hole in his heart.


Surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua said the couple took Gammy’s twin sister after she was born but left Gammy behind.

But in a statement to the Bunbury Mail through a family friend, the couple say the allegations are lies.


The family friend said the birth was planned to take place in a major hospital, but the surrogacy agreement was voided when Ms Chanbua went a smaller hospital.

The change in venue also meant that the couple had no legal right to the babies, the family friend said.

“This has been absolutely devastating for them, they are on the edge,” the family friend said.

The friend said the babies were born two weeks prematurely and the couple were not told that Gammy had Down Sydndrome, instead being informed that he would not survive.

“All this happened when Thailand was in a military lockdown and very difficult to get around,” the friend said.

“The biological parents were heartbroken that they couldn’t take their boy with them and never wanted to give him up, but to stay would risk them losing their daughter also.

“They prayed for Gammy to survive but were told by doctors that he was too sick, not because of the Down syndrome but because of his heart and lung conditions and infection.”

The letter comes amid reports from Channel Nine that the Australian father has served time in prison for an indecent act involving a child.